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An Armed Deputy in Every School: At What Cost?

Zero cost.  After thirty years as an entrepreneur, I  have been a Trustee and administrator at two public K-8 charter schools for the past twelve years.   I have worked with annual budgets as these schools grew from 53 students to … Continue reading

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Instructional Evaluation: Assessing Growth for Teachers/Grades/Schools

Background: When comparing schools or classrooms or curricula, evaluators have been faced historically with a choice of one or two measures of growth such as average growth per student and ratio of students achieving positive growth; or they have faced … Continue reading

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DPI warns the reader: “READ THIS FIRST: In order to understand the charts, it is important that you first read the following information.” And I feel obligated to warn the reader that: THE CHARTS ARE TOTAL, UTTER, USELESS NONSENSE!

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“When Caution Trumps Courage, Kids Lose!” (1, Arne Duncan)

The early 1990’s saw the beginning of charter schools that were intended to innovate and address unique local needs in the K-12 schools.  Charter schools were allowed to operate without the many stifling regulations  imposed on traditional schools by the … Continue reading

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SB-724 Edition 2: A slightly improved act to improve…

Maybe letters to your legislator do matter! Or maybe it was a coincidence.

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Matt Damon’s dunder-headed SOS speech

Fawned over by the would-be glitterati, Matt Damon’s speech to the Save Our Schools rally in DC received wide accolades as a clear-headed, common-sense speech that spoke to Everyteacher. There are transcripts all over the internet, but here is a … Continue reading

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Good School Shooting Gains National Attention

Louisville, KY: May 13, 2011  Two archery teams from The Roger Bacon Academy – Charter Day School competed nationally against 300 other teams and over 6,000 archers. The teams’ scores from both elementary school and middle school qualified them both to go … Continue reading

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Dear NC Representatives, Congratulations on introducing HB 823 to amend the constitution and put the future of our children in the hands of a Superintendent elected by the people of North Carolina. Thank you. As you know, the all-powerful 8-year … Continue reading

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SB 724 – Suggestions to improve an act to improve…

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May 3, 2011 Re: Senate Bill 724 – An Act to Improve Public Education Dear Senator: Thank you for your efforts to improve education in North Carolina. Unfortunately, the addition of the new paragraph to 115C-296(b) will not accomplish anything … Continue reading

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Review: “Parallel Paths to Constructivism: Jean Piaget and Lev Vygotsky” (Paperback)

by Susan Pass August 30, 2008 – How anyone can read Vygotsky’s work and conclude that he was a constructivist is beyond me. Pass doesn’t get a pass twisting Vygotsky for her own purposes. Forget her. Read Vygotsky and Piaget … Continue reading

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