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Multiple Charter School Authorizers: 10 Reasons Why It’s a Bad Idea

Whenever the topic of charter school policy and legislation comes up, someone always manages to bring up the idea of “Multiple Authorizers.”

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An Armed Deputy in Every School: At What Cost?

Zero cost.  After thirty years as an entrepreneur, I  have been a Trustee and administrator at two public K-8 charter schools for the past twelve years.   I have worked with annual budgets as these schools grew from 53 students to … Continue reading

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SB-724 Edition 2: A slightly improved act to improve…

Maybe letters to your legislator do matter! Or maybe it was a coincidence.

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Dear NC Representatives, Congratulations on introducing HB 823 to amend the constitution and put the future of our children in the hands of a Superintendent elected by the people of North Carolina. Thank you. As you know, the all-powerful 8-year … Continue reading

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SB 724 – Suggestions to improve an act to improve…

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May 3, 2011 Re: Senate Bill 724 – An Act to Improve Public Education Dear Senator: Thank you for your efforts to improve education in North Carolina. Unfortunately, the addition of the new paragraph to 115C-296(b) will not accomplish anything … Continue reading

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H344 – Credit Where Credit is Due!

Raleigh – The House has a solid WIN-WIN-WIN in H344. The winners are our state’s disabled children, our state’s disabled treasury, and the State Board of Education (SBE). The children win because their parents become eligible to receive a tax … Continue reading

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“Is that really rain?”

 Raleigh – April 17, 2011 Background:  On March 1, SB8 version 8 lifting the cap on charter schools was passed by the Senate and sent over to the House for their approval.  After six weeks of wrangling in the House, … Continue reading

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Clueless Caucus Crushes Charters

Raleigh – 4/7/11   In a breathtaking fit of silly nonsense worthy of Monty Python, the NC Republican house caucus passed a committee substitute charter bill that bore little resemblance to the Senate bill that was sent to it a week … Continue reading

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170 Elected Reps Bow to 11 Appointees

Some legislators wanted to enact a law that would make charter schools independent of the State Board of Education (SBE).  After all, that was the reason for charter schools in the first place…North Carolina’s K-12 education system under the SBE has been … Continue reading

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New Charter Bill Chokes Creativity. Skips Risk?

The original 1-page Senate Bill 8 to eliminate the cap on charter has morphed through about 11 revisions into a 20+ page substitute bill submitted to the house finance committee on 4/6/2011.  It  is a disaster for aspiring applicants, caring communities, and … Continue reading

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