Dear NC Representatives,

Congratulations on introducing HB 823 to amend the constitution and put the future of our children in the hands of a Superintendent elected by the people of North Carolina. Thank you.

As you know, the all-powerful 8-year appointees of the SBE have wrecked our educational system and placed us 46th in the nation for high school graduation rates. Over half of our state’s low-income and minority students cannot pass the 3rd grade reading EOG. The SBE has ignored 115C-81.2 requiring research-based reading methods ever since its passage in 1996. The SBE refuses to specify meaningful certification tests for our elementary teachers thereby earning NC a “D” from the National Council of Teacher Quality (NCTQ) in their recent 152-page study of NC elementary teacher preparation.

I have consistently advocated some sort of constitutional amendment as being the only real solution to our education woes.


Best Regards,


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