Instructional Evaluation: Assessing Growth for Teachers/Grades/Schools

Background: When comparing schools or classrooms or curricula, evaluators have been faced historically with a choice of one or two measures of growth such as average growth per student and ratio of students achieving positive growth; or they have faced a dizzying array of numbers in a huge incomprehensible table of scores.

The Roger Bacon Academy has devised a visual representation for evaluating year-to-year academic growth that pictorially displays several aspects of academic growth for a number of students in a manner that allows a fair comparison between instructional groups – be they schools, grades, classes, or teachers without requiring new tests.

An explanatory memorandum is RBA Memo – 2012 06 11- MMGG draft and a number of real-life examples are in this Pres – 2012 09 21 Lee Conf Condensed.

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