Baker is an electrical engineer, former university assistant professor, and entrepreneur.  He has a number of peer-reviewed scientific publications and chapters in engineering texts and is the holder of two US patents.

Coming out of retirement in 1999, he founded The Roger Bacon Academy which manages four  public charter schools in North Carolina in the Classical Charter Schools of America (CCS-America) network that have a combined diverse enrollment of over 2,500 students.  These schools are:

  • CCS-Leland: 1050 students in K-8, 12 miles west of Leland,  est. in 2000;
  • CCS-Whiteville, 900 students in K-8, 7 miles north of Whiteville, est. in 2007;
  • CCS-Wilmington, 145 students in K-5, downtown Wilmington, est. in 2013;
  • CCS-Southport, 620 students in K-5, 8 miles west of Southport,  est. in 2014.

The views expressed on this site are strictly his personal opinions and do not necessarily represent those of the schools or of the Academy or of any of the other entities with which he may be or has been associated.

Charter Day School, Inc. 501C3, as Secretary
The Roger Bacon Academy, Inc., Private Corporation, Board Member/Owner
The John Locke Foundation, 501C3, former Board Member
North Carolina Charter School Advisory Board, Former Member
North Carolina Association for Public Charter Schools, Inc.  501C3, former Board Member and Chair

He is married with four children and six grandchildren.

His hobbies include archery, poetry, and (formerly) thousands of miles of blue-water sailing in his Island Packet-38 and ham radio.

His CV is here:

Baker Mitchell CV

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