NCCAT: Nice but Necessary?

For 2010-2011, NCCAT is costing nearly $7,000,000 for its 95 employees and to operate its two resorts.  The New Bern resort accomodates about 23 people and the mountain resort holds about 45.

“NCCAT holds programming in two of North Carolina’s most beautiful locations, providing inspiring instruction from the mountains to the sea.”

Inspiring 4-day seminars such as:

Oral History: Capturing North Carolina’s Diverse Heritage
The Power of Words
Reading and Writing by the Sea

can be found at

We have over 100,000 teachers in NC, but these facilities can accomodate only a few thousand each year for their 4-day and weekend seminars.

For $7M a year, we can pay for about 200 full-time classroom teachers serving nearly 4,000 children.

Is NCCAT the best use of taxpayer money?

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