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Salaries, salaries, Who’s got the salaries?

Although charter schools are subjected to the same accounting standards and annual auditing that govern traditional schools, they are not required to invade the privacy of their employees by publishing their salaries.

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Grading Children at a Play

Grading Children at a Play (with apologies to Robert Frost) Whose son this is I think I know, His mom is in the lockup, though. She will not see me judging here To watch her boy’s skit win the show.

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NC Charters Close State’s SAT Gap?

For many years, North Carolina’s public schools have lagged far behind the national average in college-bound SAT scores. Since 1998, however, that gap has steadily shrunk in direct proportion to the number of students enrolled in charter schools.  By 2012, … Continue reading

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The enhancing of charter schools

As a longtime supporter of charter schools, I am relieved to watch bi-partisan legislators as they assist this popular and proven system for school improvement and further enhance it as a force for strengthening public education for all children in … Continue reading

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Scary Reading in the Washington Post: WaPo as the low-information raconteur

Washington, DC – A chatty little diatribe titled “Scary reading in charter school bill” graced the WaPo on March 28.  Confounding misinformation with ignorance in breathtaking fashion, the near-sighted worthy confuses nearly sky-high, out-of-sight  accountability with “apparently none.”

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Thomas Jefferson’s Comments On The Lap-Dog Media Producing The Low-Information Citizen: the role of rebellions

Background:  After the Declaration of Independence created the 13 independent states, The Articles of Confederation began being drafted shortly afterward in 1776.  Finally ratified in 1781, many recognized that the central government was too weak.  In 1786, a convention was … Continue reading

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Multiple Charter School Authorizers: 10 Reasons Why It’s a Bad Idea

Whenever the topic of charter school policy and legislation comes up, someone always manages to bring up the idea of “Multiple Authorizers.”

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An Armed Deputy in Every School: At What Cost?

Zero cost.  After thirty years as an entrepreneur, I  have been a Trustee and administrator at two public K-8 charter schools for the past twelve years.   I have worked with annual budgets as these schools grew from 53 students to … Continue reading

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Instructional Evaluation: Assessing Growth for Teachers/Grades/Schools

Background: When comparing schools or classrooms or curricula, evaluators have been faced historically with a choice of one or two measures of growth such as average growth per student and ratio of students achieving positive growth; or they have faced … Continue reading

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DPI warns the reader: “READ THIS FIRST: In order to understand the charts, it is important that you first read the following information.” And I feel obligated to warn the reader that: THE CHARTS ARE TOTAL, UTTER, USELESS NONSENSE!

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