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Matt Damon’s dunder-headed SOS speech

Fawned over by the would-be glitterati, Matt Damon’s speech to the Save Our Schools rally in DC received wide accolades as a clear-headed, common-sense speech that spoke to Everyteacher. There are transcripts all over the internet, but here is a … Continue reading

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Last Charge – April 15, 1865 – Co. F, 1st Tennessee Cavalry Regt.

150 years ago at Little Creek two miles east of Chapel Hill…

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Good School Shooting Gains National Attention

Louisville, KY: May 13, 2011  Two archery teams from The Roger Bacon Academy – Charter Day School competed nationally against 300 other teams and over 6,000 archers. The teams’ scores from both elementary school and middle school qualified them both to go … Continue reading

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The Great Pedagogical Debate: Behaviorism vs. Constructivism

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Background A recent paper (1) published by The John William Pope Center for Higher Education Policy discusses the conflict between the educational objectives desired by the general public and the different objectives implemented by the state’s schools of education which … Continue reading

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Dear NC Representatives, Congratulations on introducing HB 823 to amend the constitution and put the future of our children in the hands of a Superintendent elected by the people of North Carolina. Thank you. As you know, the all-powerful 8-year … Continue reading

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SB 724 – Suggestions to improve an act to improve…

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May 3, 2011 Re: Senate Bill 724 – An Act to Improve Public Education Dear Senator: Thank you for your efforts to improve education in North Carolina. Unfortunately, the addition of the new paragraph to 115C-296(b) will not accomplish anything … Continue reading

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Letters to the Blogger: “Be More Civil!”

Dear Baker,           Some of your remarks are not in good taste even though they may be accurate.  I am a big fan, but some of your phrasing makes me uncomfortable.            Could you please be more civil? Comfy Conservative … Continue reading

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Review: “Home Sweet Home on the Prairie”

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by Carson Robison and the Pioneers     April 10, 2004 –  With the sudden collapse of vaudeville in 1928 due to the “talkies,” many top entertainment stars were suddenly looking for new venues for their talents. At a chance NY city … Continue reading

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Chapter 1. In Search of an Angry God

Introduction: Anger is one of the anthropomorphic characteristics that is frequently attributed to the Biblical God. Many of us are taught the image of an angry God who often vents His wrath upon His people like some fire-breathing dragon. We … Continue reading

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