Classical History Curriculum by The Roger Bacon Academy

The Roger Bacon Academy (RBA) developed and teaches a classical history curriculum for the schools that it manages.  I have been asked frequently how the RBA “classical history” curriculum differs from a typical “social studies” curriculum, so I would like to share my thoughts on how one might view the difference.  (With apologies to our Dean of ELA and History.)

It is 100% ORGANIC. Continue reading

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One of the many…

One of the many…Maj. James V. Johnston, 84th I.D.

Major Johnston Painting

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U.S. Senate Resolution for Charter Schools

RES. 171

Congratulating the students, parents, teachers, and administrators of charter schools across the United States for making ongoing contributions to education, and
supporting the ideals and goals of the 16th annual National Charter Schools Week, to be held May 3 through May 9, 2015.Senate


May 6, 2015

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How not to teach elementary school science


[When organizing some digital archives on this rainy Saturday, I came across this paper that I had written in the early 1990’s while taking a course for a lateral entry teaching certificate.  I don’t know if this particular series is still around, but things have not changed very much.  I do know that the disdain for using any math in an elementary science text is even more prevailing today than 20 years ago. ]

sf discover science

Texas Edition, 1991; Grades 1-6; Specific Comments refer to the Sixth Grade Text Continue reading

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High Scores at Low Cost: A Taxpaying Parent’s Dream, A Bureaucrat’s Nightmare.


When free-enterprise solutions are unleashed in a competitive environment controlled by local parental choice not remote bureaucratic dictates, both students and taxpayers win.

A charter school in Southeastern North Carolina has a 15-year time-tested model for Continue reading

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The Star Spangled Banner Asks a Question. What is its answer?

[The following is the text of a brief address that I gave to an assembly of students at Charter Day School, Leland, NC in 2004.  I have repeated it several times since and now share it with you on the anthem’s 200th anniversary.]

Our 20th President James Garfield said that freedom and justice can only stand on the foundation of a well-educated citizenry. In a moment we will sing our country’s national anthem – “The Star Spangled Banner” – so perhaps it is fitting to review for you boys and girls the heritage represented by this song. Continue reading

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Study: Charters Give Pupils, State More Bang for Buck

Reprinted from:  Carolina Journal News Reports

University of Arkansas researchers also refute claim of cherry-picking students
Jul. 29th, 2014
RALEIGH — A new national study concludes that charter schools in North Carolina and other states uniformly outperform traditional public schools, and have a significantly better return on investment for taxpayers. 

One finding of the report refutes critics who have claimed North Carolina charters cherry-pick the best students from district schools. To the contrary, the report concludes that charter schools serve higher levels of minority, low-income, and special-needs students than their traditional public school counterparts. Continue reading

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Charter school company refuses to disclose salaries. REALLY?

Print media company refuses to use brain.

PR – 2014 06 10 re Starnews article

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Transparency – What you may not know…

Governments by Open Records: The original purpose of transparency through Open Meetings and Public Records and LEA salary disclosures is that these laws applied to the governments which made the rules and controlled the public’s money– the governments, whether state (the legislature and executive branch and DPI), county, or city.  These entities needed transparency in their operations so the public could see what was going on between elections and adjust their votes accordingly.  The people in the voting booths were the only check or balance on these government entities.  Oversight of government rests with an informed public who elects the government, and who have no choices, otherwise.

Corporations by Contracts: The need for transparency as it may apply to private corporations is quite different.  The government has the discretion to make contracts or award grants to private corporations to accomplish certain ends. The government retains the right, through its contracts or grants to terminate the contract or cancel the grant if the ends envisioned are not being achieved. The need for transparency  is superfluous because the government can cancel the grant or contract if the resulting performance does not meet the specifications.  The public does not vote on the contractor, vendor, or supplier.  Oversight of contracts and grants rests with the government which issues these contracts and grants and which has many choices for promoting its ends.

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Memorial Day

(left) Capt. Mitchell Johnston, VF-16 Navy F6F ACE on the Hornet. Flew with Butch O’Hare,

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